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Welcome Florists

Flat Rock Farm Co is situated on 10 acres outside Kankakee, IL.  


We specialize in cut flower and foliage varieties, and provide weekly inventory updates to florists registered with us.  


With supply chain issues affecting availability and direct costs of plant material,

florists are facing new challenges.  


I believe the solution is here - in our community, in our soil.

Personally, I’ve been rooted in rural Illinois horticulture most of my life.  Growing up outside Peoria, I took floral design in

4-H, worked for a perennial farm in Princeton, Illinois and went on to earn a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Illinois. I have a passion for growing sustainably and look forward to continuing to develop locally grown flower production in Kankakee County. 


Benefits of working with us include:

  • truly FRESH flowers: bypass the stress and damage of dry storage and long range shipping

  • zero inorganic pesticide load on the materials you handle - we work with nature, not against it

  • prepped, hydrated plant material: save time on stem and flower prep

  • marketing opportunities: advertise your community-boosting choice to buy local

  • cost benefits: reduced shipping, reduced plant prep, and healthier blooms and stems = more bloom for your buck


Local flowers are healthier for our bodies, our ecology, and our economy. 

And they're pretty sweet on the bottom line as well.  

I look forward to exploring the possibilities together.  



Mollie Uftring

Flat Rock Farm Co

The Freshest Flowers

Grown Just Down the Road

To request access to our wholesale inventory, please submit this form. 


Wholesale purchases will require a completed CRT-61 Resale Certificate, which will be emailed to you.


For florists who prefer not to fill out a CRT-61, retail tax will be added to purchases.  If you prefer to pay retail tax, please let us know. 


Once we have your info, you'll receive our wholesale password and app link, and our weekly inventory updates. 

Thanks for submitting!

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