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Farms breathe life into our economy, ecology and community.  We aim to lean into organic opportunities to produce blooms, connect people, and inject dollars into local business.


Creation cultivates Hope.  Being in contact with nature grounds us emotionally and spiritually, and - creaky joints aside - physically.   


Breath-taking beauty can be cultivated right here in Illinois topsoil.  You don't need to go far for Instagram-worthy nature.  



We are not currently a U-pick operation.  Besides selling to area florists, our flowers buzz around to area farmers markets and festivals and are available by special order. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or requests...we love to connect with our flower friends!  🐝

Sprout Smiles at your next event with our Bouquet Bar 

Our Story

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Named for the abundant limestone that makes farming our land equal parts challenging and beautiful, Flat Rock Farm Co is tucked into 10 acres just south of the Kankakee River.  Our shovels have been working hard to make 'room for the bloom' among the rocks since 2016, but the inception of the dream began long before that.  

One of my earliest memories is picking berries in my mother's strawberry patch.   I wasn't particularly good at it.  After I had picked for a millenia or two, Mom would come through and inspect my work.  Inevitably, she would magically conjure a gallon or two of previously invisible bright red berries.  I wasn't a fan of the job.  However, as I was a super fan of Mom's strawberry jam, continue I must. 


At age 16, with driver's license in hand, I escaped the garden chores and headed to a nearby perennial farm, Hornbaker Gardens.  Digging in the dirt appeared to be in my DNA.  From there, I headed off to the University of Illinois and secured a professional future in the weeds with a BS in Ornamental Horticulture.  Since then, I've worked in many different horticultural capacities, but never on land of my own.  Until now.

It is a delight to work this land.  It is an exhausting, amazing delight.  And I look forward to bringing the freshest, healthiest, most delightful blossoms to our community.  And of course, a few strawberries.  

Meet The Team

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